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Conduct essential quality assurance to reduce SaaS churn

Quality assurance ensures that all the different elements of your website are working properly. Measuring your website’s quality is essential to enhance user experience and reduce churn.



Airbnb was failing due to poor quality images which were replaced with high-quality photos. This tiny change doubled its revenue.


Dropbox was hacked which leaked 68 million user passwords. It is a clear example of how important quality assurance is. Dropbox then introduced two-step verification.


POSist increased its signups by 52% after tweaking several elements throughout their website that improved the overall website’s quality.

How to use the technique

  • Develop quality assurance guidelines to define what has to be tested, who is to test it, and how it will be tested. It’s better to create SOPs for quality assurance. You can read more about enhancing user experience in our free guide.
  • Get rid of bugs and site errors. The biggest hurdle to your website’s quality and usability is bugs and unknown error messages that visitors receive randomly. Find them, fix them, and monitor continuously before these bugs add to churn rate.
  • Improve content quality throughout your website on every single page. Content includes text, images, videos, etc. Are there any low-resolution images? Is font style and size consistent across your website? Are you linking to a YouTube video that isn’t available anymore?
  • Inspect internal and external links. Make sure every link on your website works and doesn’t lead to an invalid or obsolete destination. Broken links will eventually lead to a high churn.
  • Check if emails, notifications, and social sharing buttons work as expected. Do customers receive emails on time? Are there any social sharing icons that don’t work?
  • Test and monitor consistently. Maintaining the quality of your website isn’t a one-time job. Constant testing and analysis are required. Check our free guide that has actionable techniques on testing and monitoring a website. 

Mistakes to avoid

  • Mixing quality assurance with A/B testing. Quality assurance is focused on the quality of your website. It isn’t an alternative to A/B testing.
  • Not using website audit tools is one of the biggest mistakes that you could ever make. Most of the quality-related issues can be identified by audit tools, so grab one today.


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Research evidence

Research by NN/g focuses on quality assurance and how it impacts user experience. Having your website function properly has a significant impact on how users will interact and engage.


It's 100x cheaper to resolve design flaws when you're still on the design stage than when product is launched.

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