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Create A NUE that leads to "Aha!" to reduce SaaS churn

Create a perfect new user experience that guides new users to get value from your app instantly. Help users get to their Aha moment so they stick with your software and don’t churn.



Magoosh increased its conversion rate by 17% after it started sending customized welcome messages to new users.


Know Your Company optimized its user onboarding process which helped them increase activation rate by 44%.


Hint Health increased pricing reviews by 10% within a few weeks by providing creating a customized and proactive onboarding process.

How to use the technique

  • Define Aha moment for new users. This can be found by analyzing buyer personas and customer journey map. We have a free guide that will let you know how you can do it with ease.
  • Make it easier for users to experience Aha moment. This is the point of creating an onboarding experience that will show them how to get to Aha moment. After experiencing Aha moment, users are less likely to churn.
  • Reduce friction. Are there any distractions? Is something stopping users to get to Aha moment? Does design support onboarding process? Provide users with a highly focused user experience during the onboarding process that has no distractions at all.
  • Choose one core feature. It’s really important that the onboarding sequence focuses on one core feature that truly represents Aha moment. It should be the most important feature of your software. If users get to know it, they won’t churn.
  • Create support documents. A flawless and well-designed onboarding experience isn’t just enough. Create support tools, help videos, and guides so users can get additional information as per need.
  • Offer customer support. You cannot create a great user experience without proactive customer support. Make sure there are human beings available to answer any queries that new users have.
  • Focus on benefits. New user experience should explain the benefits that users drive from using your app. It shouldn’t just describe features.
  • Analyze and see how new users interact and respond to the onboarding sequence. Do they really get to the Aha moment? This calls for intensive testing and tweaking. Here is a guide you shouldn’t miss on testing and analysis.

Mistakes to avoid

  • Not focusing on churn. When your primary goal isn’t to retain new users with awesome user experience, things don’t turn out well. The reason why you create an onboarding process, great new user experience, and guide users to achieve Aha moment is to reduce churn. To ensure they continue using your app.
  • Not personalizing new user experience. It is a lethal mistake. Don’t treat all users the same way. Users have different needs and backgrounds. Create a personalized user experience based on data you have and buyer personas.
  • Making it hard for users to get to Aha moment. Don’t complicate it. Keep it simple and easy.


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Research evidence

Quettra conducted a study and found that apps lose 77% of users in the first 3 days after the install. The figure jumps to 90% in the first 30 days. The top 10 apps have the best day one retention rate which shows the importance of engaging new users right away.


That many users are lost in the first 30 days by SaaS products in average. Make sure you have a better onboarding! 

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