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Create a relevant UVP to reduce SaaS churn

Your product’s unique value proposition makes it stand out from the crowd and differentiates it. Clearly mention how your offer helps solve their problem. Clear and persuasive UVP works best.



Evernote has a perfect UVP. The headline describes the major benefit it offers ‘organized’ and the sub-headline describes it further.


Zapier does a great job of clearly communicating the benefit of their app in a clear yet effective headline. The description highlights all the major benefits and focuses on who is it for.


GoToWebinar has clearly stated the value its users get from the webinar. It doesn’t sell the webinar rather it is selling the benefits.

How to use the technique

  • Conduct research to understand your target audience, their motivation, challenges, and fears. Use our framework for step-by-step guidance.
  • Create a value proposition based on research findings. It has to be clear, unique, and persuasive. It should answer the following questions: What is your offer? Who is it for? How it is different? How it will solve their problem?
  • Use it on landing pages and across all marketing material. UVP should be the first thing that visitors see. This will significantly reduce churn because they will know how your offer is relevant to their problem.
  • Use this formula to write UVP on landing pages: Start with a clear headline and a sub-headline. The headline should focus on one big benefit of your offer and subheading should explain the exact same benefit further. Explain more relevant benefits in explanation using visuals and videos.
  • A/B testing your UVP is a crucial step. You have to test multiple variations to come up with the best that converts at a decent rate and reduces churn over time. Use our free guide for actionable insights on how to practically use A/B tests.

Mistakes to avoid

  • UVP isn’t your brand’s tagline, slogan, or some random catchy phrase. Don’t mix it with other related and non-related terms. UVP is different.
  • Not doing research. You cannot create an offer or decide with the benefits that your product offers without identifying and understanding the problem your audience is facing. Understand your audience, their problem, tweak your offer, and devise a relevant UVP targeting their problem.


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Research evidence

Research by Marketing Experiments revealed that the biggest challenge businesses face are identifying a value proposition (23%), expressing it (24%), and not measuring it once it has been implemented (21%). The majority of the marketers face all of these three challenges (32%).


68% of businesses face one of the problems related to the unique value proposition

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