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Create detailed support docs to reduce SaaS churn

An onboarding process is incomplete without support documents and actionable guides. Support documents are a great way to increase the activation rate and reduce churn as they provide all the help new users need to get started with your software.



Webflow has created several support documents for its users including videos, tutorials, and community forum.


MailChimp offers its customers with actionable guides on every single feature. There isn’t anything that you won’t find in their library.


Twilio has added a link to its documents in the primary menu so that it is visible right away and users can access it instantly.

How to use the technique

  • Target buyer personas and integrate it into the customer journey. You cannot create support documents that will suit your entire market. Target specific personas based on lifecycle stage. This free churn optimization framework is all you need to get started. 
  • Choose documentation type. It is best to create multiple support documents like tutorials, step-by-step guides, how-to articles, etc.
  • Offer multiple formats. Some personas prefer videos while others like actionable guides. Create multiple formats that users will love interacting to so they don’t churn.
  • Focus on content. The actual content of the support documents should be well-written, informative, easy-to-read, easy-to-scan, and should be user-friendly. What you write and how you present it are two critical aspects to be considered. This is critical for reducing churn.
  • Make it easy for users to find these documents. Don’t let them sit on your website. Share links. Send links via email. Incorporate links in the onboarding sequence. That’s how you'll engage them and reduce churn.
  • Regular updates are essential to keep documentation current. Add, remove, and tweak content as per need. We have a free guide that will help you in analyzing how your support documents perform. Read more on the analysis techniques in this free actionable guide.

Mistakes to avoid

  • Poor UX can ruin your investment and efforts. Don’t make it a pain for users to find, read, and understand support documents. Keep it simple and user-friendly.
  • Unnecessary documents with unnecessary details. Do you have right support documents that users need or you’re just following industry trends? Don’t make the mistake of creating support documents that users don’t need. Refrain from adding unnecessary details. Keep it short and actionable.


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Research evidence

According to a report by Coveo on helping customers help themselves, businesses having self-service programs retain 40% of their customers. Businesses experience 16.2% improvement in customer satisfaction with self-service programs.


According to a report by Coveo, businesses having self-service programs retain 40% of their customers (which is a lot!). 

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