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Distribute free video tutorials to reduce SaaS churn

Video tutorials are great at making it super-easy for new users to start using your app. Not only does a video tutorial will guide but it will keep users engaged and help them achieve success with your app quickly.



Dropbox increased conversions by 10% with an explainer video.


Xero has created engaging video tutorials for its users.


ExperienceFellow has an animated video that explains the core features of the app to the new users.

How to use the technique

  • Trigger emotions in the tutorial videos. Make it more than a tutorial. Hit pain points. Show how users can solve their biggest problem in a few seconds. Our free churn optimization framework has all the details on how to better understand your audience.
  • Show instead of telling. Don’t create tutorial videos to share features rather show how people can use your app. The idea is to help users, boost engagement, and reduce churn by making it dead simple to use your app.
  • Show screenshots. Show users actual app. Use screenshots. It is best to show a real person using your app.
  • Embed CTA. A video tutorial without a CTA won’t tell users what they're supposed to do after watching it. Thus, they will churn. Embed a powerful and compelling CTA in the tutorial.
  • Create short videos. Nobody likes watching long videos. It shouldn’t be longer than 120 seconds. Short videos are more likely to be shared.
  • Test and tweak. Are your video tutorials underperforming? They should be tweaked several times to make them work. Use our free churn optimization framework for help. 

Mistakes to avoid

  • Using video tutorials as an alternative to onboarding. These are two different things and shouldn’t be mixed. The video tutorial cannot replace onboarding sequence.
  • Not publishing tutorials on streaming sites. Don’t make it hard for users to find tutorials. Distribute video tutorials on leading streaming sites. Share links in emails and on social networks.


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Research evidence

Andreas and Sandra conducted an empirical study to understand consumer perception of explainer videos and how effective and efficient these videos are. The results revealed that consumers prefer watching videos over text because they can easily remember what they see as opposed to what they read. Around 71% of respondents in Germany and 47% in the US reported that they have watched explainer videos. Over 50% of people watch explainer videos for e-learning.


This is how many of respondents in Germany reported that they have watched explainer videos.

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