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Engage customers on social media to reduce SaaS churn

Utilize the power of social media to build a powerful relationship with your customers. Engaging with customers on social media is a perfect approach to reducing churn and creating loyal customers.



Salesforce is actively involved in social listening and responds to customer query right away on Twitter.


HubSpot posts relevant content on LinkedIn to engage with its ideal customers.


Grammarly publishes relevant quotes on its Facebook account for engagement with average likes over 2K per post.

How to use the technique

  • Use buyer personas to choose appropriate social platforms. Be on social networks where your ideal customers are. If your ideal customers only use Instagram, be on Instagram. Grab our free churn optimization framework to find out more. 
  • Socialize. Social media is all about socializing. Focus on long-term growth. Engage customers by building a relationship with them.
  • Be active on social networks. Have a social media manager handle your accounts. Respond to customer messages, queries, feedback, and mentions without any delay.
  • Offer customer support on social media. This is what customers expect. They use social media to interact and engage with their favorite brands. Use chatbots to respond quickly to common customer queries.
  • Publish informative and interesting content regularly. Use a scheduling app. Publish fresh posts on a daily basis. Avoid promotional content.
  • Publish video content. Videos are far more engaging than images and text. Post high quality informative videos on social networks for engagement and reducing churn.
  • Get feedback for improvement. Collect data from customers who accept the upsell offer and those who don’t. Use feedback for improving your offer, pitch, and other issues. Focus on conversion optimization. Get access to our free churn optimization framework on conversion optimization.

Mistakes to avoid

  • Publishing promotional content. It’s OK to promote your app and features every now and then but using social media solely for the purpose of selling won’t work.
  • Poor social listening. Not monitoring brand mentions, customer feedback, and not participating in discussions will impact your business negatively. Active social listening is the recommended approach.


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Research evidence

According to Sprout Social Index, social media is the top choice of consumers for customer support. When a brand connects with its consumers on social media, 70% of people are more likely to use that brand’s products, 65% of people said that it increases their loyalty with the brand, and 75% of consumers are more likely to share a positive experience with the brand on their profile. That’s how crucial social media is for any SaaS business.


70% of customers that have been engaged on social platforms are more likely to use that brand's products again in the future.

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