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Ensure a superb user experience to reduce SaaS churn

Superior user experience makes using your app easier. It boosts engagement, retention rate, and reduces churn. User engagement is the most important metric for user retention which is driven by great UX.



Clearbit improved its trial conversions by changing the design and simplifying it.


SE Ranking improved its user experience which increased subscribe rate by 25%.


Vicer increased its conversion by 75% after a series of a small UX improvements.

How to use the technique

  • Understand your customers. User experience is all about your current customers. How they use your app? What are their needs? Are they able to get what they want from your software? Use analytics and usage details to understand customers better. Use our free churn optimization framework for details. 
  • Heuristic evaluation to improve UI. Does your app inform users of what’s going on, does it support undo and redo, is UI and UX consistent, is it easy enough for users, are errors and bugs communicated in understandable language, and do users have access to support documents? If not, incorporate them.
  • Collect feedback from customers. This is the best way to understand them, improve UX, and reduce churn. Use email surveys, in-app questionnaires, and social media surveys to collect feedback related to UX.
  • Constant improvement of UI and UX. Don’t stop. Keep improving UI and UX. Not only will it reduce churn but it improves engagement. Customers feel they're not being ignored.
  • Improve customer support as it’s related to user experience. Offer live chat. Be active on social media. Monitor brand mentions. Interact with customers on multiple channels.
  • Send regular emails to customers. Keep them engaged. This is a perfect technique to improve the retention rate. Informative emails packed with quality content works best.
  • Measure app engagement. Are customers actively using your app? Are there any features that they don’t use at all? A decline in app engagement means customers won’t stick and might churn. Measuring app engagement will help you take precautionary measures on time.
  • Tweak your app because this is the only way to improve UX and provide users with something new every time they sign in. Don’t hesitate. Test different features and UI tweaks. Measure performance with A/B tests. Read our free guide on testing and tweaking your app. 

Mistakes to avoid

  • Not investing in UX. Don’t ever do it. It is absolutely essential for your app’s survival. Invest in UX without a second thought. You won’t regret it.
  • No usability testing. Don’t make the mistake of implementing new UI and UX tweaks right away. They might backfire. Make the best use of usability testing.


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Research evidence

Sonderegger and Sauer conducted an experiment to measure the impact of UI design on user performance and perceived usability. It was found that phones that were visually pleasing were rated more usable than their counterparts. Well-designed phone reduced the task completion time. User experience is a critical predictor of usability and performance.


In the experiment on theimpact of UX/UI design on performance and perceived usability, better designed phones were rated more usable than their counterparts.

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