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Host a live webinar to reduce SaaS churn

Hosting a webinar to help users better understand your app and have their questions answered is a great way to boost engagement, increase conversions, and reduce churn. Interacting with your audience live is a different thing altogether.



J Turner Research conducted a webinar with great numbers. It achieved a 756% ROI.


Drip hosts an event each year where they educate participants for free. It helps them boost engagement and get new customers.


Leadpages create 16+ webinars a month to acquire new signups and to reduce churn.

How to use the technique

  • Set clear goals. What exactly you want to achieve with a webinar? What buyer persona will be targeted? Are you interested in reducing churn, increasing activation, or just doing it for brand awareness? Set clear goals for your webinar. Our free churn optimization framework will help you do it better. 
  • Have a plan. Create an action plan. Divide the webinar into different sections. Distribute time to present different sections. It is best to write plan on a paper.
  • Show participants how your app works. A webinar isn’t about you or your business rather it should be focused on how your software works. Show participants what they can do and how they can do it.
  • Explain the benefits users will get. What benefit participants will get from your software or once they activate? Why it’s necessary for them? Clearly explain all the benefits of installing and using the software.
  • Measure and track conversions. It is essential to measure the performance of your webinar. Results will guide you what changes you need to make to your strategy. Here is a free guide on mastering tracking.
  • Test and tweak. Are your video tutorials underperforming? They should be tweaked several times to make them work. Use our free churn optimization framework for help. 

Mistakes to avoid

  • Hosting a webinar at the wrong time. At what customer journey stage you host a webinar makes a lot of difference. Carefully and strategically select the right time based on user stage in the flow mapping.
  • Not asking questions. Using a webinar to sell your app and share all the information about your brand and software won’t work. Take input from users. Ask questions. Take feedback. Use this information to create subsequent webinars.


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Research evidence

Agnes carried out an in-depth experimental study to analyze how webinar impacts behavior and engagement of the participants. Webinar increased engagement of the participants, increase satisfaction, and it helped them feel more connected to other participants.

Webinar increased engagement of the participants, as well as satisfaction and the feeling of attachement.

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