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Include clear “Upgrade” CTA to reduce SaaS churn

A call to action lets users know what they should do to upgrade their plan. It tells users they can upgrade anytime without any hurdle. A clearly visible, prominent, and descriptive CTA reduces churn.



Branch uses descriptive CTAs within its app to let users know how they can access a premium feature.


Buffer has a permanent above the fold CTA with a strong copy to persuade users to upgrade whenever they're ready.


Zapier shows users simple but descriptive CTAs when they access a feature not available with their plan.

How to use the technique

  • Personalize CTA. Use behavior data to make CTA relevant. For example, share usage details or mention a recent action in the CTA copy. Link CTA to buyer personas for better customization. Use our free churn optimization framework to get better at personalization and research. 
  • Add CTA in the app. Make it visible all the time. Keep it above the fold. This will constantly remind users of what they're missing and how to upgrade. It will reduce churn significantly.
  • Make CTA descriptive. Describe benefits in the CTA copy. Add details as to what will happen after the click. Use power words.
  • Use contrasting colors. The CTA has to be prominent and fairly visible. It should grab attention instantly. Use contrasting colors and white space for prominence.
  • Add CTA in all the emails you send to users after sign up. Adding a CTA in email sequence will increase trial to paid conversions.
  • Test different variations. Create multiple CTA buttons, place them at different locations, and test them all for conversion optimization. This free guide will show you how to do it.

Mistakes to avoid

  • Using generic CTAs. Don’t do it. CTAs like ‘click here’ and ‘more info’ won’t work. Spend time to create better CTAs.
  • Not making UVP clear. Text around the CTA should be relevant and it needs to focus on the UVP and benefits that users will get after the upgrade. CTAs don’t survive all alone without any context.


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Research evidence

Jeffrey Vocell analyzed 330K CTAs over a time period of 6 months. He found that personalized CTAs convert 202% better than other types of CTAs. He calls them smart CTAs that are relevant to the user’s interest. This makes CTAs appealing and users are more likely to click and convert.


This is how much better personalized CTAs convert in comparison with other types of Call To Action buttons. The lesson? Relevant = Good.

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