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Include social proof to reduce SaaS churn

It is a psychological phenomenon where people assume that actions taken by others are correct. Using social proof on your landing page(s) can significantly increase conversions.



Shopify uses customer success stories as social proof to show their customers how their platform will help them do business.


Opesta increased conversions by 7% after it added social proof on its landing page.


Sumo mentiones its large number of active customers along with a few testimonials as a social proof.

How to use the technique

  • Ensure social proof is consistent with UVP. It should add ‘value’ to the UVP and should address the exact same benefits that your landing page is focused on. Use our free churn optimization framework to learn more. 
  • Use case studies as these are trusted by visitors because visitors get to know how your software will help them. Use actionable case studies to reduce churn.
  • Influencer recommendation is powerful social proof. Do use it.
  • Certifications and trust icons are also a form of social proof that increase conversion rate and bring back visitors who are about to churn.
  • Use multiple social proofs. After all, it is all about the individual vs. group. Make sure you never stop in collecting bits & pieces of customers feedback. 
  • Reviews and testimonials are the best forms of social proof. Let your existing customers do the marketing for your SaaS business.
  • Monitor and tweak to find the best social proof type for each buyer persona. We have crafted an awesome guide on testing and analysis, get it for free. 

Mistakes to avoid

  • Using social proof without a real photo. This type of social proof (even if it is real) will be perceived as fake. Use photos to make them credible.
  • Using irrelevant social proofs. For example, you’re targeting students and social proof comes from a lawyer. It won’t work. Link social proofs to buyer personas.


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Research evidence

Solomon Asch conducted an experiment to test the theory that people are likely to conform to the decision/choice of the majority. The experiment found that people follow social proof (1) to fit in the group and (2) because they feel others (majority/group) is better informed.


People follow social proof (1) to fit in the group and (2) because they feel others (majority/group) is better informed. Make sure you have something to show!

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