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Interview customers often to reduce SaaS churn

Your customers are the best judge. Interviewing them will help you identify loopholes. You get data for decision-making. You get to know what exactly you should do to improve user experience and reduce churn.



Woodpecker conducted 65 interviews to get feedback from customers.


Groove increased the conversion rate by 2% when it tweaked its copy based on feedback from customer interviews.


Moz increased sales by 52% after conducting live interviews with customers.

How to use the technique

  • Identify triggers for interviews. For example, when a customer uses a feature, when a customer updates information, when a customer unsubscribes from the newsletter, etc. When a customer has experienced something or an action is taken, you’re more likely to get real feedback. Refer to our free churn optimization framework for step-by-step instructions. 
  • Customize interviews. Don’t be a robot. Refer to customer’s recent activities and usage details in the interview. This will improve the response rate and engagement.
  • Ask relevant actionable questions that will help improve retention and reduce churn rate. Questions that your data analysis team cannot use for inference are useless.
  • Conduct interviews from all types of customers. This is a must. Satisfied customers tell you what they like while dissatisfied customers identify potential loopholes.
  • Have a schedule. Conduct two interviews a year per customer. It lets you keep them engaged and will reduce churn.
  • Discuss – not ask. Don’t name it an interview explicitly. It will reduce the response rate. Just call your customers and have friendly chitchat.
  • Measure results and use data for decision-making. After making a change based on customer feedback, measure performance. Did it really reduce churn? Collect feedback again. It is a continuous process. You can read this free actionable guide to improve your analytic skills.

Mistakes to avoid

  • Not conducting interviews with happy customers. It’s a big mistake. Your happy customers are more likely to share honest and actionable feedback than unhappy customers. Don’t ignore them.
  • Making it too formal. A formal question answer call will ruin the response rate. Keep it informal to get better feedback.


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Research evidence

An article published in Harvard Business Review by Peter Kriss discussed the importance and value of customer experience – and measuring it. Customers having the best experience with a brand spend 140% more than customers having a poor experience with the same brand. Collecting actionable data from your customers (both happy and unhappy) is the key to increase retention.


This is how much more customers having the best experience spend in comparison with people having a poor experience with the same brand.

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