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Make referral program discoverable to reduce SaaS churn

Your referral program should be easily discoverable across multiple channels. The customers should be able to find your program and their referral link with extreme ease. Make it clearly visible.



Google Suite offers multiple ways to its customers to invite friends.


Polymail has published a blog post on its new referral program for discovery.


SugarSync has a detailed FAQs page on its referral program for discovery as well as information.

How to use the technique

  • Identify discovery methods. What touchpoints you'll use? What is the preferred method of your customers? What buyer persona is more active on the social network? Refer to personas and customer behavior. Don’t panic, we have created a free churn optimization framework for you. Grab it now. 
  • Offer multiple discovery points. Use in-app messages. Send emails. Create a web page for the referral program. Share on social media. Introduce it to your most active customers over the phone.
  • Add a CTA whenever you share your referral program. Make it clear, descriptive, action-driven, and prominent. Tell customers what to do and what to expect next.
  • Communicate the benefits of the referral program. What’s in it for your customers? Is it just about the reward? Answer their questions. Focus on mutual benefits that they will enjoy.
  • Make the reward visible. What your customers will receive (this will reduce churn and boost engagement) and what the referral will receive (to motivate new users).
  • Send reminders to customers who have invited at least one referral. Use their potential. Send emails to encourage them to invite more people.
  • Track performance of different channels. Does social sharing outperform email? What do your customers prefer? What’s the channel that contributes maximum to the referral program? Use data for improvement. This free guide has got you covered. 

Mistakes to avoid

  • Not reaching out to customers who haven’t used your referral program. It’s highly likely that they don’t know about it yet. Reach out and let them know about your program.
  • Program details aren’t clear. Your customers don’t know what they're supposed to do and why they should do it. Make what, why, how, and where of your referral program absolutely clear.


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Research evidence

Hoyer and Brown published an article in the Journal of Consumer Research found that awareness is significantly positively related to consumer decision making. A brand that’s known is more likely to be chosen by a consumer over an unknown brand. The same technique applies to the discovery of the referral program. A known program is more likely to be shared as compared to a program that’s not visible.


Awareness is significantly positively related to consumer decision making.A known program is more likely to be shared as compared to a program that’s not visible.

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