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Map your customer flow to reduce SaaS churn

Mapping your ideal customer flow helps with understanding and prioritizing steps that users take to achieve their goal. A clear customer flow helps with activation and reduces churn.



Bingo Card Reader redesigned its UI to facilitate customers to move quickly through the mapping flow. The change in UI resulted in a 10% increase in customers who succeeded with their app in the first go.


TrackDuck reduced fields in their registration form from 10 to 4 based on customers’ feedback. This resulted in an increase of 120% in registration completion.


Leadfeeder has created a detailed customer journey map that provides them with all the information about their ideal customers throughout their journey.

How to use the technique

  • Conduct research to get a better insight into customer flow. Conduct interviews, field studies, and surveys. Not sure how to do it? We have an actionable guide for you.
  • Use existing data preferably from buyer personas and analytics to better understand and map customer flow. For instance, a specific persona might find your brand through search while another persona might find you via a social network.
  • Identify all the touchpoints your customers can use to interact with you. These touchpoints play a critical role in reducing churn. You can identify customers who are not using all the touchpoints (meaning they're about to churn) – and take necessary action.
  • Map your ideal customer flow. What steps an ideal customer takes from research getting first success with your software?
  • Identify customer motivation, emotion, pain, challenges, and interest in each stage. What keeps an ideal customer moving? What are the hurdles? How you can help them move forward.
  • Identify actions successful customers take. Focus on these actions. Help and guide customers to take these actions. Add them to your flow.
  • Track customer flow. Use a tracking tool to see how customers move from one stage to the next and where they stop. Without a tracking tool, you won’t be able to take necessary actions on time which means customers will churn.
  • Tweak your map. A map once created isn’t finalized unless it has been tested and tweaked for perfection. Is there something missing? Do all customers follow the exact same flow? We have a free guide to help you with testing and tweaking, grab it now.

Mistakes to avoid

  • Not conducting research. Mapping customer flow is all about your customers. You cannot do it yourself. Go out and do research to better understand your customer’s journey.
  • Not using a tracking tool. You cannot measure the progress of your customers without a tracking tool. Don’t make this mistake. Guesswork doesn’t work.
  • Not responding and reacting to issues. The purpose of creating customer flow is to identify roadblocks and help customers achieve success with your app. Respond on time to fix issues and to help your customers.


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Research evidence

Customer journey mapping research report 2018 by CXPA found that 67% of organizations are currently using customer journey mapping and 85% of them reported customer flow has a positive or very positive impact on their organization. Some 71% of respondents said that customer flow has increased customer satisfaction.


Of organizations that currently use customer journey mapping reported customer flow has a positive impact on them,

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