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Offer live chat to reduce SaaS churn

Live chat is the best thing you can give new users. It increases conversions, reduces churn, and keeps users engaged during the onboarding process. You can offer help immediately before they even think of leaving.



TradeShift increased sales opportunities by a whopping 32% with live chat.


Mention increased activation rate by 12% after it started sending a customized welcome message to new users.


SalesLoft used live chat to increase sales and conversions. It received 8x more demo appointments for the software via live chat.

How to use the technique

  • Know when to use live chat. It is essential. The live chat shouldn’t interfere with user onboarding. You need to understand and track user behavior to offer live chat just at the right moment when they're most likely to churn. This free guide will show you how to do research to understand your customers. 
  • Set automated greeting. Show users that they have the option to talk to a human should they need. There are fair chances that users might ignore live chat icon. However, it’s hard to ignore a greeting that pops up on the screen.
  • Offer early help. The purpose of using live chat is to offer instant help to users, solve their queries, and help them achieve first success with your app. Be proactive in offering help to reduce churn.
  • Deliver value. You can use chat greeting to deliver value to the users. Describe your product’s major feature in the chat greeting. Persuade users to activate.
  • Offer support 24/7. Make sure you offer live chat 24/7. There has to be at least one agent live at any given time of the day.
  • Train customer support team. Live chat can backfire if your agents aren’t trained. If they aren’t well-trained to solve user issues, guide them, and help them with decision-making, what’s the point of having live chat?
  • Identify common problems. Live chat provides you with lots of information on common user queries, general issues, peak timings, etc. Use this data to tweak the customer journey and user experience. We have an amazing free guide to help you with testing and analyzing.

Mistakes to avoid

  • Inadequate staff. Not having enough staff to handle customer queries and an inability to provide live chat 24/7 are the biggest mistakes you'll ever make. If you have to do it, do it properly.
  • Using chatbots. While chatbots are great for customer services but using them during onboarding process when users are in a phase to understand your brand, chatbots can backfire. Don’t use them. If it’s really necessary to use chatbots, use them with extra caution.


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Research evidence

The eDigital survey found that live chat has the highest customer satisfaction (73%). Customers love live chat because they can get answers to their queries almost instantly. Customers expect to receive an answer to their queries in as low as 1 minute and that’s why they prefer live chat.


Average expectation of a reply time in live chat is only 1 minute. It's difficult to keep up with, but in case of success 73% of your customers will be satisfied. 

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