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Optimize your pricing plans to reduce SaaS churn

Adjusting your SaaS business’s pricing plans has a significant impact on sales, revenue, and churn. How to make your offer affordable for all types of customers should be your top priority.



Salesforce offers four different pricing plans and it has a recommended plan that makes selection easier.


Evolve increased its revenue 40x by decreasing price by 75%.


Unbounce moved pricing plan CTA above the fold which increased conversions by 41%.

How to use the technique

  • Create a pricing strategy for your product. Link pricing strategy with buyer personas: How much your ideal customers can afford to pay for your software? Learn everything about conducting actionable research for your SaaS from our free churn optimization framework.
  • Keep pricing simple. If users can remember prices and plans, you’re on the right track. Don’t offer too many plans.
  • Highlight your best value or recommended plan. This helps buyers with decision-making and repeat buyers are least likely to churn if they get recommendations.
  • Limit pricing plans. It boosts conversions. Don’t offer too many plans and pricing strategies.
  • Allow customers to pay in their preferred currency. Most customers are afraid of conversion rates, so offering multiple currency options is a better option.
  • Offer a free trial. It reduces risk and lets customers explore your software before paying for it.
  • Don’t hesitate to decrease price. Reducing price doesn’t always mean a decrease in revenue. It increases sales, repeat sales, and reduces churn. Learn to explore more about variations and tests in our churn optimization framework.

Mistakes to avoid

  • Not increasing the price. Increase in price is a viable option especially if you have can justify it.
  • Hiding your price. It’s the worst mistake your SaaS company will make. Don’t hide pricing details. In fact, it stands out from the crowd.
  • Not having a plan. If you have a one-off price for your software without any upgrades (or premium plans), you won't have any repeat customers. It is best to create multiple plans (at least 2) for your software that you can then upsell in order to maximize LTV.


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Research evidence

A study by NN/g found that potential buyers are interested in knowing the price of the product and it is their number one priority. It is the most critical information that visitors want to see on any website. Businesses that don’t reveal pricing details on their website aren’t liked by potential buyers.


Potential buyers are interested in knowing the price of the product. Provide them with this information!

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