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Have your primary action above the fold to reduce SaaS churn

The top of the page gets a lot of eyeballs as compared to the middle or bottom of the page. Moving your primary CTA and UVP above-the-fold will reduce churn and boost conversions.



Asana has smarty utilized above the fold by putting their UVP, offer description, and a clear CTA.


Allocable increased its conversion rate by 211% with a website redesign which mostly focused on above the fold section.


Yotopo tweaked their website’s design, content, and a lot of other elements including above the fold area which resulted in an increase in conversion rate by 93%.

How to use the technique

  • Move CTA above the fold. Your primary CTA should be placed above the fold so visitors know what action they're supposed to take as soon as they land. Read our churn optimization framework on how to do research to identify best performing CTA. 
  • Publish your best content above the fold. It could be a headline, UVP, a video, customer testimonial, emotional trigger, or any other content type that has the potential to keep visitors hooked.
  • Use appropriate tools to track how visitors react to different elements above the fold (e.g. heatmap analysis).
  • Grab attention. The content, design, and elements above the fold should have the potential to grab visitor’s attention right away.
  • Encourage scrolling. Ask visitors to scroll down and use persuasive copy so visitors scroll down and read more of your amazing content.
  • Test multiple variations. Split test multiple variations of above the fold content. Conversion optimization gets easier with testing. Here is a link to our free guide on split testing. 

Mistakes to avoid

  • Putting a lot of content above the fold with an intention to provide as much information as possible. This doesn’t work, instead put your best content above the fold and provide users a reason to scroll down. Don’t make it messy.
  • Not considering abandoners. If a visitor doesn’t scroll, he should get the necessary message. Optimize above the fold for visitors who leave without scrolling. They shouldn’t leave empty-handed, ensure they at least remember one thing about your brand.


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Research evidence

Nielsen Norman Group research found that visitors treat content above and below the fold differently. The content above the fold gets 84% more views as compared to the content below the fold.


This is how much more views the content above the fold gets in comparison with the content below the fold.

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