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Release new versions to reduce SaaS churn

Customers are more likely to churn if they get bored with your app. Release new versions often, upgrade, and add new features to keep customers hooked. Share details of the new version and let customers know how it’s different (and better).



Trello uses its own software to share complete development roadmap with the users. It’s a perfect way to communicate updates and new versions.


Mind the Byte informs its customers of the new version by publishing a new blog post.


Medium has a dedicated product announcement page where it talks about new versions and releases.

How to use the technique

  • Plan new releases based on customer feedback and usage analysis. Prepare a development roadmap (schedule) for new versions so as to plan everything. Refer to our free churn optimization framework to learn more. 
  • Add new features to reduce churn. Simply updating features won’t work. Provide customers with something new and interesting with each new release.
  • Clear communication is essential. Use development roadmap to share details of the next release with customers well before time. This will keep them engaged and reduce churn. Tell them what they should expect with the new release.
  • Announce maintenance hours. Send multiple reminders via email and in-app notifications. Keep customers in the loop.
  • Share the benefits of the new version with your customers. They aren’t interested in version name and number rather they're interested in what’s in it for them. Share benefits through email, blog, and social networks.
  • Analyze performance. How new version influenced churn and customer engagement? Did it improve login activity? Not all new versions perform well, don’t forget to measure success. Here is a free guide for you to read more about analytics.

Mistakes to avoid

  • Unnecessary upgrades are useless. A new version for the sake of a new version or to reduce churn might backfire. Don’t release a new version if it doesn’t add any value.
  • Rolling out upgrade during peak hours will ruin customer engagement. Don’t hurt UX. Roll out upgrades after midnight when the majority of customers don’t use your app.


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Research evidence

According to Customer Service Barometer 2017, consumers appreciate it when brands meet or exceed their expectations and are clear in communication. Millennials are more likely to share their great customer experience with friends and family. When SaaS clearly communicates software upgrades, it is appreciated by customers and they tend to stick with the business.


When SaaS clearly communicates software upgrades, it is appreciated by customers and they tend to stick with the business.

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