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Send a video welcome message to reduce SaaS churn

What’s better than sending a video welcome message to new users? Sending personalized welcome messages might be time-consuming but it will pay off. Users love them, stick with you, don’t churn, and activate quickly.



Highrise sends extremely personalized welcome video messages to new signups.


Ipsy sends a welcome + onboarding video to new users. Not exceptionally personalized but it works great.

How to use the technique

  • Use buyer persona to decide if a user likes video. Not all users prefer video content. Maybe, ask during the signup process if they’d like getting contacted via video. Not sure how to do it? Check out our free churn optimization framework.
  • Send a personalized video welcome message. Greet customers with their names. Make a new video for each user. This is the best technique to keep users engaged and to reduce churn rate.
  • Keep it short. Keep it under 30 seconds. Greet, inform, offer assistance, share your contact info, and close. This sequence is sure to keep users engaged.
  • Send immediately. The whole point of a welcome video is to welcome new users, so it has to be instant. Don’t delay it. Users will churn if you'll delay the welcome video.
  • Have a real person send it. Assign accounts to different team members. They can create a quick video from their phone or laptop wherever they're. Keep it real.
  • Explain what the user should do next. It is essential to let users know what action they should take after watching the video to move to the next stage of customer flow. Track actions and events, and follow up. Use our free churn optimization framework to get more details.

Mistakes to avoid

  • Using a video template. No, you aren’t allowed to send the same video welcome message to all the new users. That’s not how it works.
  • Sending it too late. Delaying welcome video message can prove to be disastrous. If you cannot send a video, send an email. Do it quick.


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Research evidence

Teixeira, Wedel, and Pieters published an article in the Journal of Marketing Research that analyzed how videos engage users over the internet. They found that videos engage users by developing surprise and joy. Retaining viewers and grabbing their attention gets easier with video content.


Videos engage users by developing surprise and joy. Personalized videos bring this to the whole new level. 

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