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Send lifecycle emails to reduce SaaS churn

Sending regular timely emails is a great way to engage users, increase the activation rate, and reduce churn. Personalized emails sent during critical lifecycle stages to address issues will make the user’s life easier and more fun.



Kingspoint has a crash course on conversion optimization. It ends 8 emails in 14 days with a goal to boost conversions. These emails have a 65% open rate and CTR of 31%.


Moz sends an effective activation email with one clear goal and a prominent CTA.


Zapier sends out a personalized email to users who haven’t used their app after sign up.

How to use the technique

  • Segment users based on their stage. This is the only way to send lifecycle emails that are personalized. This can be achieved by using customer flow maps. You can find more information in our churn optimization framework.
  • Send a welcome email instantly. The first email users receive after sign up should reach their inbox in under 90 minutes, else they will churn.
  • Personalize emails. Link email software with customer flow map. Track progress with tracking tool. Skips emails for tasks that a customer has already completed. Send emails for the next most critical task in the flow and remind them of what they're missing (or where they left).
  • Have a single goal per email. Don’t try to tell new users everything in a single email. Each email you send should have a single goal with a clear action plan and a powerful CTA.
  • Treat engaged and inactive users differently. Send them different emails. However, your focus should be on engaged users who are moving ahead in the lifecycle. Keep them engaged. Don’t let them churn.
  • Send actionable emails with clear instructions. Copy matters. It should be persuasive, short, and actionable.
  • Measure performance of lifecycle emails. Identify loopholes. Tweak underperforming emails. Identify common user issues. Data analysis is the crux here. Don’t know how to do it? Check out this free guide.

Mistakes to avoid

  • Not offering help. Emails cannot provide answers to all the problems. Invite them to send you an email or contact live chat if they have any unaddressed issues.
  • Poor copy. Sending an email for the sake of an email doesn’t work. It’s what you write in the email that matters. Avoid copy-related mistakes as it will negatively impact your brand as a whole.
  • Not asking for feedback. It is a big mistake that you should never make. Get feedback from inactive users and ask them why they stopped using your app. Their feedback will help you improve things that users have problems with.

Research evidence

The eDigital survey found that live chat has the highest customer satisfaction (73%). Customers love live chat because they can get answers to their queries almost instantly. Customers expect to receive an answer to their queries in as low as 1 minute and that’s why they prefer live chat.


Average expectation of a reply time in live chat is only 1 minute. It's difficult to keep up with, but in case of success 73% of your customers will be satisfied. 

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