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Try to set-up a call with users to reduce SaaS churn

An early call gives a personal touch to user experience and it can prove to be a turning point. Talking to new users on the phone increases engagement and sales. You can tackle churn with just one call, it works.



Intacct calls new users and send several emails without getting salesy.


Groove called 500 customers in 4 weeks which helped them tweak their onboarding process, increase engagement, and improve copy.


New Relic sends 10 emails and call 6 times for conversion.

How to use the technique

  • Do your homework. Ask preliminary questions in the signup form. Have it with you during the call. Use buyer persona to make first interaction personalized. Our free churn optimization framework has more details for you. 
  • Use automatized software like Calendly to handle your schedule. You can then set-up availability to specific timeslots and handle all your weekly onboarding calls at once
  • Know what to ask to provide personalized experience. Prepare questions that you need to ask from new users. Don’t make first call too informal. Ask 2-3 relevant questions that will help you better understand the needs of the user.
  • Provide help. The first call isn’t about getting feedback rather it should be focused on providing assistance. Ask if the user needs any help? This improves engagement significantly.
  • Send a thank you email. End your call with a proper closing. Send a personalized thank you email with relevant information (related to the conversation). This is your best bet to reduce churn and increase the activation rate.
  • Feedback analysis is an essential part of the first call. The data you collect from all the calls needs to be analyzed. Use analysis for decision-making and for improving UX. Check out our free churn optimization framework to learn more on data analysis.

Mistakes to avoid

  • Selling in the first call is really a bad idea. Don’t do it. Instead, let the user speak, take notes, and offer a customized solution.
  • Lack of personalization. Not using user’s personal information such as name, location, etc. in the conversation isn’t a good idea. Greet user with the name. Use relevant personal information to let users know you have done your work.
  • Explaining features. This call isn’t about your software features. It isn’t about the benefits either. It should be all about the user.


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Research evidence

A study by James Oldroyd found that there is a massive difference in lead qualification percentage if you call after 5 minutes and 50 minutes. The results revealed that a lead is most likely to convert if you call within 5 minutes of sign up. If you call a lead within 10 minutes of sign up, the probability of conversion reduces 21x.


This is how you reduce your chances for conversion if you don't call your leads within 5 minutes after the sign-up.

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