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Use concierge onboarding to reduce SaaS churn

Concierge onboarding is when you get in touch with users and offer them personalized guidance and suggestions. This type of onboarding is a great way to engage users, reduce churn, and increase conversions.



Customer.io doubled its conversion rate when it switched to concierge onboarding.


Groove sends its news users multiple messages in the inbox. As much as 80% of users convert to paid customers.


Content Marketer (now Mailshake) used manual onboarding to increase conversions. Around 55% of people who spoke to an agent converted.

How to use the technique

  • Understand your audience at a persona level. Does your ideal customer prefer a personal touch? What are the buyer personas that you should target? Having a clear understanding of your audience’s needs and expectations upfront will help you create a better concierge onboarding experience. Check our free churn optimization framework to get started. 
  • Send a welcome email and introduce your concierge onboarding experience. Give users a brief overview, and tell them they will get a personalized experience. This is for engagement and to reduce churn.
  • Ask users how they prefer to get in touch. Not all users like talking on the phone. Give them different options (email, live chat, phone, etc.).
  • Encourage users to get on the phone. In order to create a perfect human experience, encourage users to talk to an agent over the phone. Explain the benefits. Describe what they will miss.
  • Train your agents. Assign a separate concierge to each user. Train your team. The first contact is critical for reducing churn and boosting engagement.
  • Measure success and performance. How different concierges are performing? Does phone has a better conversion than email? Measuring different success metrics get easier with our free churn optimization framework

Mistakes to avoid

  • Not qualifying users. Offering full-fledged concierge onboarding to all the users without pre-qualification will cost you a lot of resources and will result in high churn. Qualify users via email or through a short survey.
  • Not following up. One call, a single email, or a Skype call isn’t enough. Follow up to increase conversions and to persuade users to move on.


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Research evidence

Gao, Lu, and Qian published a paper in Asia Pacific Journal of Management where they empirically found that the relationship between business and client is a mutual relationship. The two parties share responsibility and cooperate which leads to new sales via word-of-mouth. Engaging with clients at a personal level and incorporating human touch in business yield positive results.


Business friendship between the client and the supplier significantly impacts the sales to the client, and this impact is further moderated by how the two parties share responsibilities in achieving common goals.

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