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Use contrast for your CTA to reduce SaaS churn

Use of contrasting CTA buttons and text have a drastic impact on conversions, churn, and retention. Right color at the right location is all your SaaS needs on its landing page.



Friendbuy improved its CTR by 211% by changing its CTA button.


37Signal, now Basecamp, increased its signups by 200% when they tweaked their CTA button and text.


ArtsyEditor successfully increased CTR by 47% after tweaking the text of the CTA button.

How to use the technique

  • Identify a landing page and tweak its CTA to begin with. Start with one CTA at a time, measure the impact of the change, take necessary action, and repeat. Read this detailed churn optimization framework
  • Make CTA prominent. The purpose of CTA is to get the attention of the visitors. This is why you should use contrasting colors to make it stand out from the rest of the content and all other elements on the page.
  • Link CTA color to a buyer persona. Men and women like different colors. Using appropriate colors for CTAs based on audience demographics, culture, and personal likes will significantly boost conversions and churn.
  • Use dark CTA colors on white background. If your landing page has a lot of white space and its background is white, use red, blue, black, and other dark colors for CTAs.
  • Change the CTA text including text font, color, and CTA. It isn’t always the color of the button that matters. Test all CTA conversion optimization options.
  • Place CTAs strategically. Don’t just change the color but change CTAs location for conversion optimization and churn reduction. Place CTA close to its origin. We have this actionable guide to help you with conversion optimization for all the aspects of a landing page.

Mistakes to avoid

  • There is no single best CTA color that will create a true contrasting effect. Keep testing different colors. Don’t stop. There is always room for improvement.
  • Contrasting CTA button should always be RED. What color you choose for CTA depends on the surrounding elements and the overall theme of the landing page. Red isn’t always contrasting.
  • Ignoring your brand. CTA color isn’t more important than your brand. Any color that violates your brand’s image or your brand’s color theme should be used with caution.


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Research evidence

According to a HubSpot study, red CTA button outperformed the green CTA button by a whopping 21%. This was primarily due to the fact that red button created contrast and was prominent on the page.


This is how contrasting red CTA button outperformed the green CTA button

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