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Use high-quality photos to reduce SaaS churn

High-quality photos are your best bet to persuade visitors to take action. Photos are catchy, noticeable, and trigger emotions. On the contrary, low-quality photos aren’t appreciated much and lead to a high churn rate.



Intuit uses a high-quality large photo of a smiling woman on its landing page. They know real photos work and they're doing it tremendously.


IDevice Magic increased the conversion rate by 31% after it replaced the video with images.


Highrise tested different variations of its landing page. The one with a real human photo worked best. It boosted conversion rate by 102.5%.

How to use the technique

  • Photos should be consistent with buyer personas. Targeting females with a male photo isn’t a smart idea. Use our free churn optimization framework for actionable insights. 
  • Use photos above the fold. It is the most crucial part of your landing page so make sure you have a high-quality photo there for conversion optimization.
  • Use large images as they're known to convert at a better rate and reduce churn.
  • Use photos of real people. The face should be clear. The photo needs to be high-quality. Other images aren’t really effective on a landing page.
  • The photo should be clear. It should have a catchy background. It should be meaningful.
  • Test conversions with different images. Not all photos perform well. Some photos will force visitors to churn. Find the best-performing images by testing for conversions. This free guide has step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

Mistakes to avoid

  • Using stock photos. It doesn’t feel personalized and stock photos are used all over the internet. Make yourself unique. Refrain from using stock photos.
  • Not compressing images is a lethal mistake that reduces website load time. Use the right format (preferably .eps) and compress photos to reduce their size.
  • Using irrelevant photos. No matter how high-quality it is, but if your photo is irrelevant to the copy and offer, it won’t work. Keep it relevant.


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Research evidence

A study by MIT found that 90% of the information transmitted to the human brain is visual while 10% contributes to all other senses. Photos are easier-to-process (60K times as compared to text) and the human brain has the capacity to recognize images in as low as 13 milliseconds.


This is how much information our brain gets from visuals. That's why it simply doesn't make sense to try to engage people with text alone. 

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