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Make referral link sharing easy to reduce SaaS churn

Make it easier for customers to share their referral link. Making it convenient will reduce drop-offs and will increase the number of referrals. It should be a one-click procedure.



Althea offers multiple sharing options to its customers with simple and quick UX.


LogoUp shows the number of steps involved in the referral program and allows customers to send emails directly to friends.


Hired offers its customers multiple sharing options.

How to use the technique

  • Add relevant sharing options e.g. social media, email, copy-paste, etc. It is best to offer all available sharing options to all the customers irrespective of their preferences. Use our glorious in-depth free churn optimization framework for further details. 
  • Make it one-click. Reduction friction. Sharing should be immediate. Don’t ask them to login via a social account or connect email account for sharing. Keep it simple.
  • Keep referral code short yet meaningful. Make remembering your code easy so customers can remember and recall it easily.
  • Allow copying of the referral code. Add a copy button with the code.
  • Show a success message. When the code is share successfully or copied successfully, notify the customer. Let them know that is has been shared so they can notify their friend.
  • Reduce the number of steps. Reduce friction. Keep it dead-short. A one-step sharing option works best for engagement.
  • Show progress bar. Let customers know how many steps they need to take to share a link. Show number of steps or a progress bar, whatever works better. Use A/B testing to identify what works best. Read our free guide on actionable techniques for churn optimization.

Mistakes to avoid

  • Asking for social media integration when a customer is about to share a referral link on the social network. It’s not recommended at all. It will increase drop-offs.
  • Lack of success notification/email. Not keeping customers in the loop isn’t a good idea. Tell them when the link is shared and then keep them updated on the progress of new referrals.


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Research evidence

A research study by Forrester revealed that a well-thought and frictionless customer user experience can increase conversions by a whopping 400%. Making it easier for customers to share a referral link can, therefore, drastically improve the performance of your referral flow.


A research study by Forrester revealed that a well-thought and frictionless customer user experience can increase conversions by a whopping 400%.

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