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Send educational blog-posts to reduce SaaS churn

When customers are able to get value from your app, they're least likely to churn. Educational blog posts that show them how to get things done and achieve success with your app is a great technique for delivering value.



Dropbox sends a personalized email to inactive users and share a link to a tour of their product.


Groove creates a post on new features and intimates its users through a simple email.


Outbrain sends a great introductory email with links to tutorials where users can learn more.

How to use the technique

  • Use personas to craft relevant blog posts. What type of content your ideal customers prefer? Is it how-to articles, in-depth guides, case studies, or any other type of content? Create relevant blog posts targeting specific buyer personas. Not sure how to do it? Read our free churn optimization framework
  • Share new features. Create a blog post on the release of new features. Share its link with users so they can start using it immediately.
  • Share blog posts with customers via email. Don’t send all blog posts to all the customers. Focus on personalization. Only send blog posts to relevant customers who are most likely to read and engage.
  • Segment users and target appropriately with relevant content. Send how-to guides to active users and case studies to inactive users. Segmentation makes your emails personalized which boosts engagement and reduces churn.
  • Set goals for each blog post you publish. And ensure your email has the same goal. Use prominent CTAs to achieve the goal.
  • Educate and help instead of selling. Handpick educational and informative blog posts and include them in the email sequence.
  • Send one email a week. Don’t spam. Even if you’re sending educational blog posts, don’t overdo. Send a short email with summaries of blog posts published last week.
  • Track performance of individual blog posts. It will help you understand what type of content converts better. Use UTM codes and goal tracking. Refer to our free churn optimization framework for more details.

Mistakes to avoid

  • Sending one email to all the customers. Not personalizing emails and blog posts to the user’s current status is a big mistake. Link blog posts to customer preferences to reduce churn.
  • Sending too many emails. Even if you’re sending educational content with an intention to help, too much of it isn’t recommended. Stick with one email per week rule.


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Research evidence

HubSpot collected data from 13K+ businesses on how often they blog. The results revealed businesses that publish 16+ blog posts a month receive 3.5x more traffic than businesses that publish 4 or fewer posts a month. And businesses that blog 11+ times a month generate 4x more leads than businesses that blog 4-5 times a month. Blogging is a perfect way to educate and engage readers.


Businesses that publish 16+ blog posts a month receive 3.5x more traffic than businesses that publish 4 or fewer posts a month.

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