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Set a referral program landing page to reduce SaaS churn

Highlight and promote your referral program and its benefits on a dedicated landing page. Show visitors what’s in it for them and why they should promote it to their friends. Focus on your app’s benefits with an emotional appeal.



Fiverr has a perfectly designed landing page that clearly explains everything to the customers.


LastPass has a simple referral landing page that explains the benefits of the program in one line.


GetResponse has a very detailed referral landing page that shares benefits, steps, and has FAQs.

How to use the technique

  • Create multiple landing pages for better targeting. Create at least one referral landing page for each buyer persona for personalization. Grab our free churn optimization framework for more details. 
  • Explain the benefits of the referral program. Use bullets. Have a clear and catchy headline. Use power words and emotional appeal (e.g. your friend is waiting for you).
  • Explain the benefits of inviting friends. What is the reward? How they can benefit from it? Sharing benefits of referral program only won’t help. Pre-sell your app too.
  • Keep form short. Make sign up easy. Reduce form fields. This will increase conversions and reduce churn.
  • Make link sharing easier. If someone decides to enroll, make referral link available immediately. If your customers visit the landing page, make links visible upfront.
  • Make CTA prominent. Add a clear and contrasting CTA on the landing page. Keep CTA text descriptive. Show customers what they need to do to get access to the program.
  • Make landing page visually pleasing. Remove navigation. Reduce friction. Add white space. Use images and videos.
  • Split test for conversion optimization. Creating a perfect landing page needs several tweaks and A/B tests. Test all the variables on the landing pages to boost conversions. Not sure how to do it? Get our free actionable guide.

Mistakes to avoid

  • Not adding form above the fold. Utilize above the fold. Show signup form above the fold so that interested customers can sign up right away without having to scroll.
  • Lack of personalization. Creating a general all-purpose landing page is a lethal mistake. Personalize landing page and make it relevant to your customers.


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Research evidence

Marketing Benchmarks From 7,000 Businesses report by HubSpot found that the number of landing pages is positively associated with the number of leads a business generates. More landing pages mean more leads. Companies with 6-10 landing pages generate 55% more leads than companies having 1-5 landing pages.


Companies with 6-10 landing pages generate 55% more leads than companies having 1-5 landing pages.

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