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Host webinars to reduce SaaS churn

Hosting webinars consistently will keep customers engaged and will reduce churn. Webinars provide you with an opportunity to interact with your customers, listen to them, guide them, and get feedback to improve your software.



Intercom increased its activation rate 6x by hosting educational webinars.


Autopilot went from zero to 2000 customers in 1.5 years by hosting webinars regularly.


Adespresso conducts several webinars and it has created a dedicated page for webinars where you can find recordings of all the previous webinars.

How to use the technique

  • Create an editorial calendar for webinars. When you need to host a webinar and what it should be about are the two critical questions to answer. Host webinars for different buyer personas, customer types, and address all lifecycle stages. We have an awesome free churn optimization framework to guide you further.
  • Host no more than one webinar a week. Attendees don’t have the potential to attend more than a single webinar in a week.
  • Set clear objectives. Each webinar should have clear goals. Is it to reduce churn? Is it to boost engagement? Is it for inactive users? Is it to promote an upgrade? Craft webinar based on its objectives.
  • Send multiple registration reminders preferably via email. Tuesday is the best day for webinar registration.
  • Add a Q&A session. It lets you understand customers and get feedback. It boosts engagement. What’s better than solving a customer query in real-time?
  • Record webinars and share them with registrants who didn’t attend. Publish recording on your blog and YouTube channel. Don’t let it sit on your server.
  • Measure the success of each webinar in terms of conversions, engagement, retention, and reduction in churn. Track performance based on webinar time, day, duration, and other variables. Tweak to improve performance. Read this free guide to master testing and tweaking. 

Mistakes to avoid

  • Not addressing customer issues. While it’s essential to achieve webinar objectives but it’s equally important to address customer issues at the end of the session. Listen and respond to make them stick with your software.
  • Not sending reminders for webinar registration and for attendance. Remind attendees of the exact date and time and send them reminders on their email and phone on the webinar day.


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Research evidence

According to the Big Book of Webinar Stats 2017 73% of marketers said that a webinar is the best way to generate quality leads and 57% of marketers reported that they plan to host more webinars next year. Webinars are a powerful source of customer engagement and retention since you can move customers through the entire lifecycle with multiple webinars.


73% of marketers said that a webinar is the best way to generate quality leads. 57% of marketers reported that they plan to host more webinars next year

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